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Sweet Potato & Chicken Wrap Dog Treats, 1 lb.

Sweet Potato & Chicken Wrap Dog Treats, 1 lb.

This Best Selling Sweet Potato & Chicken Wrap Dog Treats, 1 lb. tends to SELL OUT VERY FAST!!

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 5 x 5 inches ; 1 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 1 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
  • ASIN: B000SQLQ0Y
  • Item model number: 1446

List Price : $15.29
Price : $10.99
You Save : $4.30 (28%)
Sweet Potato & Chicken Wrap Dog Treats, 1 lb.

Product Description

Wash hands when handling any treat. Supervise your dog when giving him any treat. Chicken Meat, Sweet Potoato

Product Features

  • Size: 16 Oz

This Best Selling Sweet Potato & Chicken Wrap Dog Treats, 1 lb. tends to SELL OUT VERY FAST!!

Customer Reviews

Well, I have very mixed emotions (some practical; some pure speculation and some possibly unreasonable) about this particular product. Please note that I have given these treats only three stars...this is over the objection of my dogs who absolutely love these things.
I have four dogs and our family spends much time with them. A lot of time is spent in training and we have found that "treat food" is a wonderful motivator; the more the dogs like the treat, the better they perform.
Now there is no doubt that these are a desirable little jar of goodies as far as the taste of our particular dogs is concerned...there is not problem in this area. I must admit though that I was negligent in doing my research on these things and simply did not read the labeling as I should have done. Thanks to a couple of wonderful reviews here which brought to my attention that these little things are made in CHINA, I no longer use them. Perhaps this is being overly cautious and perhaps being overly zealous is my private little hang-up about only buying American made products when ever possible, but so be it.
While we have had no health problems with our dogs since using this product, it must be noted that there have been several instances (as noted by other reviewers) of tainted animal food coming out of China. If you will note, there have also been quite a number of instances where tainted human baby products have been shipped and sold in this country which were also manufactured in china. Now it would only seem logical to me that if a manufacturing firm or firms made, released and sold products that are harmful to humans, then even less thought would be given to products for "animals." Perhaps I am wrong here, but it is never-the-less how I see it.
Now are dogs are fed these things in very small amounts so the possibility that they would be injured by a product that was actually tainted is slim, but still and all I am not willing to take this chance with the lives of our dogs who are, in all reality, members of our family.
I am also absolutely sick and tired of spending my hard earned money on products that could be and should be manufactured here at home...good grief...this cannot be good for us as a country!
To use these things is of course ultimately the decision of each individual. This is my take on the situation as to the product, and as I said, we will not longer be using it.
Don Blankenship
The Ozarks

My dogs love these treats but with the Made in China label, I don't buy them anymore. The AVMA and FDA has issued warnings related to chicken jerky treats made in China and my wonderful vet made me aware of this. I'm very unhappy about this as my dogs really do love them. But I love my dogs enough that I won't purchase these or other Made in China treats. And let me tell you - that's a challenge.
Let me note that I did a search on Amazon for "Dog treats made in USA" and this product came up. If it doesn't actually say in the description that product is "Made in the USA", it's not.


Sweet Potato & Chicken Wrap Dog Treats, 1 lb.


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